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Source code for sacrud_deform

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# vim:fenc=utf-8
# Copyright © 2014 uralbash <root@uralbash.ru>
# Distributed under terms of the MIT license.
from gettext import gettext as _

import colander
import deform
import sqlalchemy
from deform import Form
from sqlalchemy import types as sa_types

from sacrud.common import get_relationship
from sacrud.exttype import ChoiceType, GUID, SlugType

from .common import (_get_column_type_by_sa_type, _get_widget_type_by_sa_type,
                     _sa_row_to_choises, get_column_default_value,
                     get_column_description, get_column_title, get_column_type,
                     get_pk, get_validator, get_widget)

[docs]class GroupShema(object): def __init__(self, group, table, obj, dbsession, columns, translate=_): self.obj = obj self.table = table self.relationships = get_relationship(table) self.dbsession = dbsession self.js_list = [] self.translate = translate self.schema = colander.Schema(name=translate(group)) self.build(columns)
[docs] def get_column_css_styles(self, col): css_class = ['sacrud_deform', ] if hasattr(self.table, 'sacrud_css_class'): for key, value in self.table.sacrud_css_class.items(): if col in value: css_class.append(key) return ' '.join(css_class) return None
[docs] def get_node(self, values=None, mask=None, validator=None, node_kwargs={}, **kwargs): col_name = kwargs['col'].name column_type = _get_column_type_by_sa_type(kwargs['sa_type']) widget_type = _get_widget_type_by_sa_type(kwargs['sa_type']) if 'col_name' in kwargs: col_name = kwargs['col_name'] if kwargs['sa_type'] == sa_types.Enum and not values: values = [(x, x) for x in kwargs['col'].type.enums] if kwargs['sa_type'] == GUID and not mask: mask = 'hhhhhhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhh-hhhhhhhhhhhh' if kwargs['sa_type'] == ChoiceType and not values: values = [(v, k) for k, v in kwargs['col'].type.choices.items()] if kwargs['sa_type'].__name__ == 'ElfinderString': self.js_list.append('pyramid_elfinder:static/js/elfinder.min.js') self.js_list.append('pyramid_elfinder:' 'static/js/proxy/elFinderSupportVer1.js') if kwargs['sa_type'] == SlugType: self.js_list.append('sacrud_deform:' 'static/js/speakingurl.min.js') widget = get_widget(widget_type, values, mask, kwargs['css_class'], kwargs['col']) validator = get_validator(widget) if widget_type == deform.widget.FileUploadWidget: kwargs['description'] = kwargs['default'] kwargs['default'] = colander.null if kwargs['col'].nullable is True or \ kwargs['col'].primary_key is True: node_kwargs = {'missing': True} default_kwargs = { 'title': self.translate(kwargs['title']), 'name': col_name, 'default': kwargs['default'], 'description': kwargs['description'], 'widget': widget, 'validator': validator, } default_kwargs.update(**node_kwargs) return colander.SchemaNode(column_type(), **default_kwargs)
[docs] def get_foreign_key_node(self, **kwargs): kwargs['sa_type'] = sqlalchemy.ForeignKey for rel in self.relationships: if kwargs['col'] in rel.remote_side or kwargs['col'] in rel.local_columns: choices = self.dbsession.query(rel.mapper).all() choices = [('', '')] + _sa_row_to_choises(choices) rel_obj = getattr(self.obj, rel.key, None) kwargs['col_name'] = rel.key + '[]' if rel_obj: kwargs['default'] = get_pk(rel_obj) return self.get_node(values=choices, **kwargs)
[docs] def custom_type_preprocessing(self, col): if isinstance(col, (list, tuple)): group = col[0] c = col[1] gs = GroupShema(group, self.table, self.obj, self.dbsession, c) self.schema.add(gs.schema) return True elif col.__class__.__name__ == "WidgetRelationship": col.preprocessing() choices = self.dbsession.query(col.table).all() choices = [('', '')] + _sa_row_to_choises(choices) rel_name = col.relation.key selected = [] if self.obj: selected = getattr(self.obj, rel_name) try: iter(selected) selected = [get_pk(x) for x in selected] except TypeError: selected = [] m2m = colander.SchemaNode( colander.Set(), title=self.translate(col.info['name']), name=rel_name+'[]', default=selected, widget=deform.widget.SelectWidget( values=choices, multiple=True, ), ) self.schema.add(m2m) return True elif col.__class__.__name__ == "WidgetInlines": schema = col.preprocessing(self.obj) self.schema.add(schema) return True return False
[docs] def build(self, columns): for col in columns: if self.custom_type_preprocessing(col): continue node = None title = get_column_title(col, self.translate) default = get_column_default_value(col, self.obj) description = get_column_description(col) css_class = self.get_column_css_styles(col) sa_type = get_column_type(col) params = {'col': col, 'title': title, 'description': description, 'default': default, 'css_class': css_class, 'sa_type': sa_type, } if hasattr(col, 'foreign_keys'): if col.foreign_keys: node = self.get_foreign_key_node(**params) if not node: node = self.get_node(**params) self.schema.add(node)
[docs]def form_generator(dbsession, obj, table, columns_by_group, request): schema = colander.Schema() js_list = [] for group, columns in columns_by_group: gs = GroupShema(group, table, obj, dbsession, columns, translate=request.localizer.translate) schema.add(gs.schema) js_list.extend(gs.js_list) return Form(schema, request=request), list(set(js_list))
[docs]def includeme(config): config.add_static_view('sacrud_deform_static', 'sacrud_deform:static')